“The properties of Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater are totally unique. That is why it is one of the 25 wonders of the world.”

Although traditional activities did not re-start in Blue Lagoon’s bathing areas until around the middle of the year, the first half of the year was put to good use with the renovation and development of experience and reception areas. All safety and quality control processes were reviewed and the necessary improvements were made in connection with Blue Lagoon’s ISO quality certification which took place during the year.

Blue Lagoon SPA

“Blue lagoon is unique and interesting experience and it was the highlight of our trip to Iceland.”

October 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor



“One of Earth’s most unique places. Hot springs, thermal baths, saunas and a world class spa.”

July 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor

Blue Lagoon fully re-opened in June 2021 after being closed for eight consecutive months. The operation had to be adjusted regularly to comply with changing social gathering restrictions, as the maximum number of permitted guests was either reduced or increased.

Considerable improvements were made to the BL SPA reception area at the beginning of the year, with an emphasis on improving the visitor flow and acoustics, as well as increasing the visibility of Blue Lagoon’s skincare products in the reception area.

Self-service terminals were also introduced to enable guests to easily check themselves out.  On average, about 80% of visitors use the self-service, which has enhanced the quality of the overall service and the flow of visitors, and enabled frontline employees to focus more on other services and sales. The reception building by the Blue Lagoon car park was also renovated.

During the year, so-called express check-in points were introduced with the help of QR codes, which improves the flow of information to guests upon arrival and enhances their experience.

A history lesson on Blue Lagoon has proven to be very popular with guests, where the hosts give a brief history of the place and explain what is on offer, as well as answer questions and queries.

Retreat Spa

“I would give this more than 5 stars!”

October 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor



October 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor

The Retreat Spa provides a unique world-class experience. The area is intended for both hotel and day guests.  At the Retreat Spa, the emphasis is on connecting the unique environment and properties of the geothermal seawater in a very sophisticated way. As was the case with the Blue Lagoon, the first half of the year was used for construction and making improvements to the visitor areas.   Guests can enjoy their stay in a variety of relaxation areas, saunas and in special thermal baths reserved exclusively for guests of the Retreat Spa and Retreat Hotel. The innovations that were introduced to the Retreat Spa last year include sound healing under a sound piece composed by Lára Rúnarsdóttir and Arnar Guðjónsson, which is available in one of the relaxation rooms.

Blue Lagoon’s massage and beauty treatments are provided at the Retreat Spa. For many years now, the float therapy massage has been the best known and most popular spa treatment at Blue Lagoon and 2021 was no exception.

In 2021, the float therapy treatment of Blue Lagoon was introduced in collaboration with the Icelandic entrepreneurial company Flothetta ehf.  The flothetta or float cap is an Icelandic invention, which gives the body total floating support in water. Float therapy has been very well received by guests, who can choose between individual or small group float therapy sessions.

Már Másson

Business and operations division

“A major increase in the emphasis on sustainability entails opportunities in complex operations. It sets a framework and criteria for us in which employees and management strive to coordinate maximum quality and efficiency in operations while minimizing the company’s environmental footprint at the same time. The customers and employees of our spas, hotels, restaurants and stores demand that we run our business guided by the principle of sustainability. We have taken many steps in that direction over the past year and will take more in 2022.”

Guest satisfaction

Blue Lagoon regularly evaluates visitor satisfaction by measuring, among other things, its so-called NPS score. This measurement is an indication of the satisfaction of the lagoon’s visitors and how likely they are to recommend it to friends and family.

Bláa Lónið
Retreat Spa

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