“The geothermal seawater is rich in desirable bioactive substances; minerals, silica and microalgae, which strengthen and protect the skin and are therefore key raw materials in the Blue Lagoon’s skincare products.”

Skincare products

Bláa Lónið Heilsuvörur ehf., which is a subsidiary of Blue Lagoon hf., develops and markets skincare products under the Blue Lagoon Iceland brand, which is owned by the parent company.

Blue Lagoon Iceland’s skincare products are founded on the geothermal seawater of the Blue Lagoon and the bioactive ingredients it contains.

The healing power of the Blue Lagoon first became apparent when curious locals started to bathe in the enchanting lagoon. Bathing in warm geothermal waters provided a sense of well-being and had a good effect on the skin. The lagoon soon became the subject of research by many scientists. Research has demonstrated that the lagoon has healing powers and its ecosystem is unique in the world. Thanks to the unique properties of its geothermal seawater, the Blue Lagoon has been included on National Geographic’s list of wonders of the world. The geothermal seawater is rich in desirable bioactive elements; minerals, silica and microalgae, which strengthen and protect the skin. The geothermal seawater and the bioactive substances it contains are key raw materials in the Blue Lagoon’s skincare products.

Skincare products are developed and produced in a sustainable manner. A special raw material processing unit has been built in the Blue Lagoon’s Research & Development Center in Svarsengi, where, among other things, microalgae are cultivated with new eco-friendly technology. The microalgae are nourished on geothermal gas, which is rich in carbon dioxide, and comes up with the geothermal seawater. The microalgae thus bind carbon dioxide which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint, since it is always the company’s goal to find ways of diminishing its environmental footprint.

“The development of the Blue Lagoon’s skincare products is based on scientific principles. An important aspect of this development is active research collaboration with the academic world in Iceland – a collaboration that fosters innovation and the dissemination of knowledge and experience, which benefits the company and society.”

Halldór Guðfinnur Svavarsson

Professor at the University of Reykjavík

Blue Lagoon Skincare product lines

The Blue Lagoon Iceland skincare brand covers three main product lines, which occupy different market positions in terms of needs, target groups and prices.

Spa product line

It is based on the nourishing and strengthening properties of the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal seawater.  The product line includes face masks, hair products and bath products – a unique product line that brings the Blue Lagoon experience home. Blue Lagoon has long been renowned for its white silicone, which was the idea behind the first product, the Silica Mud Mask, which was first launched in 1995 and has been Blue Lagoon’s most popular product since its inception.

Derma product line

Blue Lagoon dermatological product line is specifically developed for sensitive skin and people who suffer from recurrent skin problems, such as dryness and irritation. The dermatological products are protective and preventive, and fragrance-free. They have been used successfully at Blue Lagoon’s Medical Clinic since 1994. This hotel offers approved and natural treatments for psoriasis under the supervision of a dermatologist and nurse.


This product line is founded on BL+ COMPLEX, a new and revolutionary ingredient which is a unique blend of the bioactive microalgae and silica of the Blue Lagoon. The active ingredients are enveloped by a natural phospholipid vapor which transports them deep into the top layer of the skin. The products also contain other known bioactive substances that combat skin ageing, such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. BL+ combats skin ageing and improves its health. Science, functionality and sustainability are the guiding principles driving the development of these products. This skincare line first appeared on the market in 2021 and is the fruit of 30 years of research work on the bioactivity and healing power of the Blue Lagoon. The product line contains powerful formulas based on revolutionary biotechnology and pioneering technology in sustainable production. BL+ stems from the depths of the earth, undergoes in-depth scientific research and deeply penetrates the layers of the skin. BL+ The Serum is the first product in the new skincare line. It has already garnered a lot of attention and is on Elle’s 2021 Green Beauty Stars” list.

No animal products are used and no products are tested on animals in the development and production of Blue Lagoon Iceland’s skincare products. Emphasis is placed on research, sustainable processing and eco-friendly packaging. The use of plastic packaging is steadily being reduced in an endeavor to reduce the company’s footprint. All our operations are carbon offset by microalgae cultivation and silviculture.

Our journey toward sustainability has led us to discoveries and taught us the amazing qualities of the geothermal seawater. Through research and development, the company has been able to produce skincare products with these recognized properties, which benefit millions of people around the world and our customers agree:

The BL serum and face cream are a PLUS!! I found my forever face products! I am beyond happy/pleased with you guys. Thank you so much for helping my skin.






Customer Review

I love all of your products that I have tried thus far….My face feels better, and looks smoother. I have no complaints for any of the products that I’ve been using… I pay for quality and I am receiving exactly what I’m paying for. Thank you for your awesome skincare line.


Customer Review

I am your big fan and advice your goods to all my friends and colleagues. Your mud mask is the best one I ‘ve ever tried in my life, really. I would even come to Iceland for it!






Customer Review

International markets

Blue Lagoon Iceland’s skincare products are sold all around the globe through the company’s online stores. Blue Lagoon US Ltd. in the United States handles sales and distribution in America and Blue Lagoon NL Ltd. in the Netherlands handles sales and distribution in Europe and other parts of the world.

The American market section employs a team of experts who will lead the growth of that market.

The main task of the year has been to strengthen Blue Lagoon Iceland’s skincare products in the US market and to introduce the new BL+ skincare product line.  With an increased focus on advertising and market visibility, the position of skincare products has been boosted. BL+ The Serum is the first product in the new skincare line. It has already garnered a lot of attention.

Carbon-offsetting of door-to-door deliveries

Carbon-offsetting of door-to-door transport of products from our warehouses to our customers.

The cultivation and protection of forests are a key element in preserving the natural balance between the earth and the human ecosystem. The forests bind CO2 from the atmosphere, thus producing cleaner air and promoting biodiversity. This is why Blue Lagoon promotes silviculture and aims to offset its carbon footprint. In 2021, Blue Lagoon partnered with Pachama, a company that specializes in reforestation and specific carbon offset projects.

The objective is clear: More trees, less pollution. The transport of goods is carbon offset by calculating the carbon emissions of each product according to its weight and mode of transport. The calculations are based on known methods and assumptions. Calculated emissions are then carbon offset through Pachama, where the costs go towards the cultivation and protection of forests.

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