“Blue Lagoon’s restaurants are driven by culinary ambition, the quality of their selection of ingredients and professional service in a unique environment.”

Blue Lagoon has focused on attracting leading professionals in the field of cuisine and serving. The company has fostered a very fruitful collaboration with the Hotel and Restaurant School of Kópavogur College. Although operations were at an all-time low in the first half of the year, the Blue Lagoon placed an emphasis on continuing to support those students who were already under contract with the company. This ensured that the students could stay on track and complete their studies on time.

Blue Lagoon operates three restaurants in its experience spaces and one café, as well as breakfast at Silica Hotel and Retreat Hotel. The restaurant department also runs a staff canteen called Bláberið (The Blueberry).

The activity of the restaurants increased in line with the activity of Blue Lagoon and hotels from the middle of the year. Emphasis was placed on flexibility and creating synergies in the operation of units, without compromising on quality and ambition.

Moss Restaurant

“One of the best meals and best presentation of food, in my life.”

July 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor


“Very well done – excellent food and service”

October 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor

The Moss restaurant re-opened after an 8-month closure as soon as the Retreat Hotel opened in early July 2021. The place has proven to be one of the best restaurants in the country. It has received Michelin recognition for two years in a row now. Its focus is on fresh seasonal ingredients and a unique dining experience. An important part of the guest’s journey is a unique wine cellar which contains between 5,000–6,000 bottles of wine of about 500 different vintages.

Moss Restaurant is open 5 days a week and hotel guests are given priority in table bookings, since there is, almost without exception, always a waiting list for a table at Moss Restaurant.

Lava Restaurant

“Elegant Vibes”

August 2021 • Review on Tripadvisor


“Gourmet food in a lovely setting”

June 2021 • Review by Tripadvisor

When the Blue Lagoon reopened, a decision was made to temporarily link the management of the Lava Restaurant to the operations of the Blue Café. This was done to ensure synergy and flexibility in the operation of the place during the first few weeks.

At the same time, a thorough makeover of the Lava Restaurant was undertaken and a new and renovated space was opened to guests on 10 July. Among the innovations is an elegant bar and improved lighting, which gives the space an evocative atmosphere. The changes included doing away with tablecloths, a measure that was designed to, among other things, reduce the environmental footprint of the operation.

The Lava Restaurant has been very well received by guests, since the emphasis is on simple dishes made from fresh high-quality Icelandic ingredients from the sea and pastures.

Spa Restaurant

The Spa Restaurant was opened at the same time as the Retreat Spa. It offers guests of the spa fresh and healthy dishes, as well as light snacks in a special restaurant. The Spa Restaurant also provides breakfast for hotel guests at the Retreat Hotel and refreshments in the hotel’s lobby.

Blue Café

At the Blue Café, guests of the Blue Lagoon are served light snacks, open sandwiches, drinks and coffee refreshments. Emphasis is placed on quality and good ingredients and all dishes are prepared on site in the cold kitchen. The Blue Café also runs the popular Blue Lagoon bar, where guests can get refreshments outside in the lagoon.

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